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Berlin Airport Train

Learn Everything about the Railway Services from Berlin Airport

Trains from and to Berlin Airport

Berlin’s public transportation system is highly efficient, and Berlin trains are well-known for their fast and effective services. Berlin airport railway network is no exception. BER Airport has an excellent connection to Berlin city center and the neighboring areas as well. Trains depart from the airport stations every 5 minutes, transferring passengers to their destination in or around Berlin quickly and affordably. Respectively, reaching the airport from Berlin city by train is equally simple.

Train Lines from Berlin Airport

Depending on your destination in Berlin, you will find a Berlin train that will transfer you to Berlin city or its suburbs fast and efficiently. Various train lines run from terminals 1/2 of Berlin Airport.

Berlin Airport Trains from Terminals 1-2

  • Regional Train FEX (T1/2 – Ostkreuz – Gesundbrunnen – Hauptbahnhof): The Regional Train FEX (the new BER airport express train) connects terminals 1/2 to Berlin Central Station (Ηauptbahnhof). FEX trains run every 30 minutes, and their journey to Berlin city center lasts about 30 minutes. In the future, the FEX route will change, passing via Südkreuz and Potsdamer Platz, thus reducing traveling time to just 20 minutes.
  • Regional Train RE7 (Waldstadt – Wünsdorf – T1/2 – Berlin City Center – Dessau, Bad Belzig): The Regional Train RE7 links Berlin Airport to Berlin city center and the Waldstadt-Wünsdorf area once every hour. 
  • Regional Train RB14 (T1/2 – Berlin City Center – Nauen): Berlin city center can also be reached by the Regional Train RB14. Moreover, RB14 trains handle airport transfers to the Nauen area. Their frequency is once per hour.
  • Regional Train RB22 (Königs Wusterhausen – T1/2 – Golm – Potsdam): The Train RB22 is a great option to get to Königs Wusterhausen. Furthermore, RB22 trains reach Potsdam Station in about 50 minutes. They also run on an hourly basis.
  • S-Bahn Train S9 (T1/2 – T5 – Berlin City Center –Spandau): The Local Train S9heads from the new Berlin Airport to Spandau every 20 minutes, day and night -until 2:00 am- (every 30 minutes on Friday and Saturday nights). The total journey from terminal 1 of BER Airport to Spandau takes 73 minutes.
  • S-Bahn Train S45 (T1/2 – T5 – Südkreuz): The Local Train S45 travels from both Berlin airport railway stations to Südkreuz on the south side of Berlin every 20 minutes, from 05:00 am to 12:00 pm (07:00 am – 12:00 pm on Sundays). The total traveling time of the S45 route is 33 minutes.

Berlin Airport Trains from Terminal 5

The regional trains stop only at terminal 1 railway station. Thus, the only options to reach Berlin city from terminal 5 are the S-Bahn Trains S9 and S45 heading to Spandau and Südkreuz. The local trains pass every 20 minutes. S9 runs day and night (until 2:00 am), and S45 from 05:00 am to 12:00 pm. Taking the S9 train, you will reach Alexanderplatz in only 35 minutes, while the S45 train gets to the south side of Berlin, in Südkreuz, in 33 minutes.

Where is the Railway Station at Brandenburg Berlin Airport?

Brandenburg Berlin Airport has two railway stations, serving terminals1/2 and 5 respectively. The train station for passengers landing at terminals 1 and 2 of the new Berlin Airport is located at the underground level (U2) of T1, within a 10-minute walking distance from both terminals’ Arrivals areas. On the other hand, terminal 5 Railway Station (the old Schönefeld Airport Railway Station) is accessible via a covered passageway, located a 10-minute walk from the T5 Arrivals area.

Berlin Airport Ticket Fares and Prices

Berlin is divided into 3 zones. A one-way train ticket from Berlin Airport to Berlin combined ABC zone costs 3.80€ (3.80$) for adults and 2.70€ (2.70$) for children between 6 and 14 years of age. On the other hand, the single ticket for the BC zone costs 3.50€ (3.50$) for adults and 2.40€ (2.40$) for children. Lastly, the ticket for the AB zone has 3€ (3$) and 1.90€ (1.90$) for those entitled to a reduced price. Tickets are valid for only 2 hours.

The new Berlin Airport is located in the Berlin Zone C. Thus you will have to buy a Berlin ABC ticket to reach your destination in Berlin city center. Alternatively, you can get a day ticket at 10€ (10$) for adults and 6.10€ (6.10$) for children or opt for a Berlin Welcome Card or a Berlin City Tour Card. Both cards provide numerous privileges, such as the free entrance to museums, discounts on sightseeing tickets, etc. 

Tickets can be purchased through the automatic vending machines or the sales points both at T1 and T5 railway stations. Moreover, you can buy your ticket online through the corresponding app or website.

Tip: Don’t forget to validate your ticket once you enter the train!

Intercity Trains from Berlin Airport

For the moment, there is only one intercity train line heading from Berlin Airport to Dresden (Saxony) and Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). IC intercity train runs several times a day from the railway station located at terminal 1 of the new airport. Traveling time from BER Airport to Dresden is 100 minutes, while to Rostock is 170 minutes. Tickets are available both online and through the Railway Station’s vending machines.


Does Berlin Airport have a train station?

Berlin Airport (BER) has two train stations. The railway station serving terminals 1 and 2 is located under terminal building 1, at the U2 level. Terminal 5 railway station is the old Schönefeld Train Station and is connected to terminal building 5 via a covered corridor.

How much is the train from Berlin Airport to city centre?

A one-way train ticket from Berlin Airport to Berlin city center costs 3.80€ (3.80$) for adults. Children 6-14 years old are charged 2.70€ (2.70$). Tickets are available through the airport’s sales points, the automatic vending machines, and online.