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Connections with all major hubs of Berlin

Shuttles and Buses from and to Brandenburg Berlin Airport​

Berlin is famous for its expedient public transportation network. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Berlin airport’s bus connection to the city center is efficient and effective. Numerous bus lines run from Berlin airport to the major hubs of Berlin while various routes are serving the surrounding areas. Frequent itineraries, day and night services and cheap tickets make Berlin airport buses a great option for transfers from and to BER airport.

Brandenburg Berlin Airport Bus Lines

Which of the bus lines serving BER airport is more suitable for your transfer? Depending on your exact destination in Berlin and your budget, you can choose the shuttle bus that best suits your requirements. Explicitly:

  • Bus Line X7 (T1-2 – T5 – U Rudow): The express bus X7 connects BER airport to Rudow metro station in approximately 18 minutes from Terminal 1 and 8 minutes from Terminal 5. The bus runs every 5 minutes. From Rudow Station, you can take the metro line 7 (U-Bahn) and head to U-Bahnhof Möckernbrücke in only 25 minutes. In the long run, the metro line 7 will expand to Brandenburg Berlin airport.  
  • Bus line X71 (T1-2 – T5 – U Rudow − Johannisthaler Chaussee – U Alt-Mariendorf): The bus X71 runs from Terminals 1 and 5 to Alt-Mariendorf (U6) in Berlin every 20 minutes.
  • Bus BER1 (T1 – Steglitz City Hall): The express airport bus BER1 connects BER airport (T1-2) to Steglitz Rathaus (Steglitz City Hall) in about 45 minutes. The bus runs hourly.
  • Bus BER2 (T1 – T5 – Potsdam Central Station): The express airport shuttle bus BER2 links Terminals 1 and 5 to Potsdam Central Station. The journey with the BER2 from Berlin airport to Central Station takes 55 minutes. The bus routes operate every 1-1.5 hour.
  • Bus Line 163 (T5 – S Grünau – S Adlershof – S Schöneweide): The bus line 163, which was connecting Schönefeld airport to Berlin, is now connecting T5 to the city in about 50 minutes with lots of intermediate stops. It runs every 20 minutes. 
  • Bus Line 164 (T5 – S Adlershof – S Köpenick): The same goes with the bus line 164, which was running from Schönefeld airport to Berlin city. Departing now from T5 of the new Berlin airport, the bus 164 passes every 20 minutes. 
  • Bus Line 171: (T5 – U Rudow – S+U Neukölln – S Sonnenallee – U Hermannplatz): The already existing bus 171 continues running but from T5 of the new Berlin airport now. It reaches its destination in Berlin city in around 50 minutes, making a lot of intermediate stops on the way, and it passes every 20 minutes too. 
  • Bus Line 734 (T1-2 – S Zeuthen):  The bus line 734 runs from T1 of Berlin airport to Zeuthen Station hourly. 
  • Bus Line 735 (T1 – Wildau – A10 Center – Königs Wusterhausen):  The PlusBus line 735 serves the BER airport’s connection to the nearby town of Königs Wusterhausen. 735 buses also run hourly.
  • Bus Line 736 (T1 – S Wildau – Königs Wusterhausen): Approximately the same is the route of the PlusBus line 736 which also heads from BER airport to Königs Wusterhausen, every hour. 
  • Bus Line 743 (T1 – T5 – Waßmannsdorf – S Lichtenrade): The bus line 743 departs from both the Terminal 1 and the Terminal 5 of the new Berlin airport to Lichtenrade Train Station, in the area of Tempelhof- Schöneberg. The bus also runs on an hourly basis.
  • Bus Line 744 (T5 – U Rudow – Großziethen – U Lipschitzallee – Gesundheitszentrum): The suburban line 744 connects BER airport to the health center Gesundheitszentrum via the Rudow Station. The bus runs from T5 every 20 minutes and on Sundays, hourly.

Brandenburg Berlin Night Buses

The Berlin airport shuttles buses serve BER airport during the night shift as well. Thus:

  • Bus Line N7 (T1 – T5 – U Rudow – U Hermannplatz – U Rathaus Spandau): If you are landing late at night, you can take the bus line N7 to Spandau City Hall in Berlin. The bus runs every 30 minutes. Keep in mind that during weekends, buses N7 final destination is Rudow Station.
  • Bus Line N7X (T1 – T5 – U Alt-Tempelhof – U Berliner Straße – S+U Zoologischer Garten): The bus N7X is an express airport bus that runs supplementary to N7 bus, approximately from 2:30 am to 4:00 am, to serve the transfer needs of late-arriving passengers. The bus passes every 15 minutes, and its journey to Zoologischer Station lasts around 48 minutes. 
  • Bus Line N36 (T1 – Wildau – Königs Wusterhausen): The night bus N36 heads to the district of Dahme-Spreewald and specifically, to Königs Wusterhausen town hourly, handling the night transfer services from and to the area.
  • Bus Line N60 (T1 – T5 – S Treptower Park – S+U Alexanderplatz): The night bus N60 connects the new Berlin airport to Berlin city center during the nighttime. The bus runs every 30 minutes.

Where is the Bus Station at Brandenburg Berlin Airport?

There are two bus stations at Brandenburg Berlin airport. Passengers who are landing at Terminals 1 or 2, will find the central bus stop on the Arrivals Level of Terminal 1. On the other hand, the Terminal 5 bus station is to be found on the passageway from the terminal building to the train station.

Brandenburg Berlin Airport Bus Tickets

Berlin city area is divided into 3 zones. Zone A is the inner city, zone B extends to the city limits, and zone C includes Berlin suburban areas. If you opt for a one-way bus ticket to Berlin combined ABC zone, you will have to pay 3.60€ for adults and 2.60€ for children between 6 and 14 years of age. On the other hand, the single ticket for the BC zone costs 3.30€ for adults and 2.30€ for children while the ticket for AB zone has 2.90€ and 1.80€ for those entitled to a reduced price. In any case, the ticket is valid for 2 hours. As Berlin airport’s location is in the C Zone, you have to buy an ABC ticket at 3.60€ for your transfer from BER airport to Berlin city.

Express airport buses BER1 and BER2 have a different price table. Therefore, BER1 ticket costs the BC ticket price (3.30€) plus an 8€ surcharge, amounting to a total fee of 11.30€ while BER2 fee is 9.30€. 

Moreover, you can purchase a Berlin Welcome Card, which is valid for all Berlin Zones and offers unlimited transfers. Berlin Welcome Card is valid for 48/72hours or 4/5/6 days depending on your choice, and further offers you a 72h-free entrance to the museums on the Museum Island and special deals and discounts. Furthermore, Berlin City Tour Card is valid for the same areas and the same periods of time but additionally to special privileges and discounts, it offers you a 35% discount for the most popular Berlin sightseeing.

Bus Tickets Purchase Options at Berlin Airport

For Berlin airport buses BER1 and BER2, tickets can be purchased from the driver inside the bus using cash. For the other buses, you have 3 alternatives. You can either buy your ticket from the airport vending machines, download the respective app and buy it online or get it from the driver as soon as you enter the bus. In that case, you should have some euros with you, preferably in small change.

Intercity Buses from Brandenburg Berlin Airport

With a Flixbus, you can reach numerous cities in Germany and Poland. Flixbus vehicles handle the intercity transportation of the new Berlin airport, departing both from Terminal 1 and Terminal 5 of BER airport.


Can I buy a ticket on the bus in Berlin?

Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver inside the bus, both for Express Berlin airport buses BER1 and BER2 and for the other bus lines. However, the payment can be made only in cash and preferably in small change.

How much is a bus ticket in Berlin?

A single bus ticket for the ABC zone of Berlin costs 3.60€ while for the BC zone 3.30€ and the AB 2.90€. The reduced price for a one-way bus ticket is 2.60€, 2.30€ and 1.80€ respectively. Berlin airport is in the C Zone, thus the price for a single ticket from the airport to Berlin costs 3.60€ (ABC ticket). Berlin Express Airport Buses BER1 and BER2 have a higher price, at 11.30€ and 9.30€.