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Berlin Airport Car Rental

Looking for Car Rentals? Discover All the Berlin Airport Car Hire Options

Car Rental at Berlin Airport

What’s better than exploring Berlin with your own vehicle? With a Berlin car rental, you get to make your plans exactly as you want, schedule your everyday itinerary according to your preferences and mood, and get to know the city at your own pace. Various car rental companies provide competitive services at Brandenburg Berlin Airport. Therefore, make sure you have done thorough research to find the ideal car rental at the best price.

Think about which vehicle category is best for you. Standard family cars, spacious minivans, luxurious car vehicles, or small city models are available at BER Airport. Depending on your needs, your budget, and your itinerary (are you planning to transfer mostly around the city, or do you intend to explore the nearby areas?), you should pick the right car hire model for you, establishing the best airport car rental deal.

Car Rental Companies in Berlin Airport

If you opt for a car rental, you will find plenty of car hire companies operating at terminal 1/2 (serving also passengers landing at Terminal 2). T1 car rental providers are assembled on the basement level (E0) of terminal building 1. The car park in terminal 1/2 is nearby the P2 multi-story parking area.


CompanyLocationService Hours
Avis BudgetArrivals 1/2 of T107:00-23:00
HertzArrivals 1/2 of T107:00-23:00
SixtArrivals 1 of T106:00-24:00
EuropcarArrivals 1/2 of T107:00-23:00
Enterprise rent-a-carArrivals 1/2 of T108:00-20:00

Car Rental Tips

  • You should pre-book your car rental. Berlin Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Hence pre-booking your car rental is always recommended to be sure about the availability of car hire services.
  • A thorough search before booking your car rental is always a good idea to establish the best car hire deals.
  • The sooner you reserve your car rental vehicle, the lower price you will most probably get.
  • Usually, a credit card is required from car rental agencies.
  • Think about the insurance choices provided by the car rental companies and choose the one offering full coverage.
  • Choose to fill in the vehicle by yourself on your way back to the airport, as car rental providers usually overcharge fuel.
  • Think carefully about the dropping-off time. If it is different from the picking-up time, you may be charged for a whole extra day.
  • Young drivers may have to pay for extra insurance.
  • Respect the traffic rules as in case you are fined, the car rental company will forward you the fine, and you will also be charged with the shipping fees.

Car Sharing in Berlin Airport

Car sharing services are also being provided at Brandenburg Berlin Airport. The environmentally friendly and affordable car-sharing is quite popular among Berlin airport passengers. In case you have already signed up for a car-sharing company, you can go ahead and take your vehicle from the P4 car park of Terminal 1.

The car-sharing companies operating at BER Airport are: 

  • MILES Carsharing
  • SIXT Share
  • WeShare

Their location is in the P4 parking areas and they are available 24/.7. For more info, you can easily download the relevant apps and get fully informed.


Is it cheaper to wait to rent a car?

The sooner the better tends to be the best way to ensure you get the best price for your car rental. Therefore, unless it is inevitable, you shouldn’t wait for a last-minute reservation.

Do you need additional insurance when renting a car?

Do your homework before deciding on additional insurance! Firstly, you should check if your own car insurance extends to rental cars or if your credit card covers damages to rentals. If so is the case, additional insurance is not necessary.