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Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminals

The Terminals of the New Berlin Airport

Berlin Airport Terminal 1

Configuration: The largest and main terminal of the new Berlin Airport is terminal 1. Designed in the form of the letter U, terminal building 1 provides high-quality services, various shopping and eating options as well as cultural attractions. Spread over 4 levels above the ground and two underground levels, the arrivals area is to be found on the ground level, whereas the departures zone and the shopping center are located on the first floor. The second floor houses the non-Schengen departures, the airport’s dining area, and Berlin airport lounges. Level 3 isn’t accessible to travelers, while level 4 is the visitor’s deck. The underground floors of Brandenburg Airport accommodate the terminals 1-2 Train Station.

Services: Terminal 1 of the new Brandenburg Airport offers each and every service an expert traveler would expect from a modern, international airport. A wide variety of shops, dining, and drinking options are at the passengers’ disposal, along with postal and bank services, ATMs, travel agencies, currency exchange kiosks, and elegant and comfortable lounges. Still, there are a few more airport services worth mentioning. Berlin airport terminal 1 houses the Steigenberger Airport Hotel. On the other hand, it provides dental treatment, orthopedic and surgical services, as well as shower facilities and a meditation area.

Cultural Attractions: Apart from being a modern and bright terminal, the new Berlin airport terminal 1 is interspersed with artistic details, which captivate the passengers’ interest. Five high-profile artists created five unique masterpieces to decorate the new terminal building. 

Entering terminal 1, travelers immediately have “the sky at their feet”, stepping on the STOEBO’s Sternentalerhimmel (Starry Sky), a floor area scattered with bright coins from all over the world. Α metal red carpet, Pae White’s work of art, covers the checking-in area’s ceiling. What’s more, after the security control, the Open Sky Box, made by Takehito Koganezawa, is an actual ceiling-to-floor lightbox, shining in blue and white shades. In Berlin airport’s outside area, Olaf Nicolai’s Gadget, an artwork resembling a huge pearl necklace, is lightened depending on whether the boarding bridge is in use or not. Last but not least, the stairways leading to terminal 1 Train Station are embellished with Matt Mullican’s Subject Pavilion, a picture collection referring to air travel.

Berlin Airport Terminal 2

Configuration: Located right next to terminal 1, Berlin airport terminal 2 lies on two levels. The terminal’s ground level is used for the check-in procedures and baggage claim. The security check and the Plaza are placed on the first floor.

Services: The second BER airport terminal offers plenty of services. From self-service kiosks and modern checkpoints to various retail shops and dining facilities, BER airport T2 is fully equipped to accommodate its passengers.

Berlin Airport Terminal 5

Configuration: The new Berlin airport terminal 5 is the old Schönefeld Airport. Verily, Schönefeld Airport closed its doors and reopened, brand-new and renovated, as one of the three terminals of Brandenburg Airport. Sprawled into two levels, terminal 5 splits over 5 areas. 

Area K houses the check-in points and some departure gates, while arrivals are handled on the ground level of areas L and M. The basement floor of area L also shelters the terminal’s shopping center. More check-in points and departure gates are to be found on the L zone’s first floor and the area M as well. Finally, terminal area Q hosts security controls.

Services: Berlin airport terminal 5 offers a wide range of comfortable amenities and quality services. A complete variety of shops and eating/dining options are provided, along with travel agencies, banks, ATMs, and currency exchange offices. Moreover, terminal 5 houses one of the two Berlin Airport Hotels, the Intercity Hotel.

Important Note: The BER T5 is currently closed.

Transfer Between Terminals

Whilst terminals 1 and 2 are located at the center of the new Berlin Airport, terminal 5 lies in the north zone of the airport, within a 10-minute driving distance from the new terminals 1/2. Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of options for your transfer between terminals. 

Traveling by taxi or car from terminals 1/2 to terminal 5 takes approximately 10 minutes. On the other hand, the S-Bahn Trains S9 and S45 connect terminals in only 8 minutes. However, keep in mind that while terminal 1 Train Station is situated at the terminal’s underground levels, terminal 5 Station is at a 10-minute walking distance from the terminal building. Lastly, Buses X7, X71, BER 2, N7, and N60 are other alternatives for transfers between terminals, and their journey takes about 9 minutes.