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Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

The New Berlin Aviation Hub

The New Berlin Airport Finally Opens its Doors

After an almost 15-year legendary history of construction, the long-awaited new Berlin Airport has finally opened. Named after the leading German politician Willy Brandt, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Willy Brandt, is located at a 27-km/16.7-mile distance from Berlin city center, on Berlin’s south side, in the state of Brandenburg.

The construction of the new airport began in 2006 and was due to be finished in 2011. However, the project has suffered continuous delays, which led to its opening only on October 31, 2020!

The decision for a new airport in Berlin was taken to replace Schönefeld, Tegel, and Tempelhof Airports. Tempelhof Airport closed in 2008, and the last flight departed from Tegel Airport on November 8, 2020. On the other hand, Schönefeld Airport will be operational until 2025, occupying one of the three terminals of Brandenburg Airport. Thus, Schönefeld Airport is now named Berlin Brandenburg airport’s terminal 5.
For the time being, the new German airport has three terminals and two runways. In the future, two more terminals and a satellite terminal are planned to be constructed. The airport is expected to welcome up to 35-40 million passengers annually, becoming one of the busiest airports both locally and at the European level.

Nowadays, Berlin Brandenburg Airport is the third busiest airport in Germany and has already been listed among the 15 most occupied European air hubs. As a matter of fact, BER welcomed more than 19.85 million passengers in 2022 instead of just 9.95 million in 2021, posting an impressive rise in its passenger traffic.


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Airport Name: Berlin Brandenburg Airport



Location: Schönefeld, Germany

Time Zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)

Airport Map: Brandenburg Airport at Google Maps

Berlin Airport’s Layout

BER Airport consists of three terminal buildings. It comes as no surprise that the main terminal of Berlin Airport is also the biggest one. Verily, the U-shaped terminal 1 handles the majority of flights arriving or departing from the airport while providing its passengers with various services and amenities, including one of the two airport hotels. Adjacent to T1 lies terminal 2, whereas T5 is actually the terminal of the old Schönefeld Airport. The second BER airport hotel lies in terminal 5.

T1 and T2 are located close to each other. Conversely, T5 is a 10-minute drive away. Thus, passengers wishing to travel from T1 or T2 to T5 and vice versa can opt for a taxi ride, catch the train (however, they’ll have to walk 10 minutes from the T5 train station to the terminal building), or hop on one of the bus lines providing connections from BER Airport to the city of Berlin.

BER Airlines

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is the third most important aviation hub in Germany. Thus, it is unsurprising that it serves a vast number of airlines and destinations. Verily, conventional and low-cost air carriers and domestic and international airlines are present at BER Airport, principally connecting Berlin to other European destinations, but also fly from and to numerous international routes. Moreover, Berlin Airport is the base for Eurowings and Ryanair, along with being a focus city for easyJet and Sundair.

Parking Facilities 

With a total capacity of 10,000 parking spots, Berlin Brandenburg Airport can fully supply its passengers’ needs. In fact, each terminal has its own parking premises, dedicated to short-term stays or mainly addressed to travelers who are looking for a long-stay parking facility. Thus, T1 and T2 have eight car parks, along with a “Kiss&Fly” zone for pickups and drop-offs, whereas four parking lots are to be found in T5. Still, T5 remains closed for the time being.

Transit Options

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is adequately connected to downtown and to various other parts of Berlin. Hence, passengers wishing to travel from BER Airport to the city center can pick one of the following transit options:

Services and Amenities

The brand new Berlin Brandenburg Airport guarantees an overall pleasant -and even interesting- traveling experience for its passengers. Explicitly, some of its provided services and amenities are:


  • Many retail options and Duty-free areas
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Baggage wrapping / Baggage storage
  • Conference rooms
  • Pharmacies /Medical services
  • Banks / ATMs / Currency exchange areas
  • Nursing and family facilities / Playground Kids’ Corner
  • Lost & Found offices
  • Cultural Exhibitions / Attractions
  • Room of Silence
  • Lounges / Spa facilities
  • Airport hotels
  • Wi-Fi
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Information kiosks
  • Special services and amenities for passengers with disabilities

Contact Info

Official Name: Berlin Brandenburg Airport “Willy Brandt”


Address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 12529 Berlin (Germany)


Phone Number: +49 30 6091 6091 0 (daily 8 am to 8 pm)

The City of Berlin

If you think about multicultural destinations, the city of Berlin should definitely come to mind. The largest city in Germany is a popular destination, attracting countless visitors who fall for its diversity as well as historical background. Moreover, its art and music scene is well-known. Verily, various cultural events take place in Berlin on an everyday basis. The city is full of sites and attractions. The Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall are just two of them, while Museum Island (Museumsinsel) is an impressive complex consisting of six separate but equally impressive museums. What’s more, Berlin is a dear destination for nature lovers as well, as apart from being one of the most vivid European cities, it is also full of parks and green spaces. Last but not least, foodies absolutely love Berlin as its diversity is reflected in its gastronomy as well, featuring eateries serving local dishes, along with various restaurants devoted to international cuisine.


Is Brandenburg Airport open?

Berlin Brandenburg Airport opened its gates on October, 31st 2020. Officially named Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Willy Brandt (BER), it has replaced the already closed Tegel and Tempelhof Airports, as well as Schönefeld Airport which will be operational until 2025 as the new airport’s terminal 5.

Why is the new Berlin Airport not open?

The new Berlin Airport was supposed to begin its operation in 2011. However, consecutive delays due to various reasons (bad planning, corruption, etc.) allowed the opening of the new airport 9 years after the initial planning.

Is Tegel Airport still open?

Tegel Airport closed permanently on November, 8th 2020. The airlines operating at Tegel Airport moved their hub to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, and all its flights are now flying from the new airport.

Is Tempelhof Airport still in use?

The new Berlin airport, Brandenburg Airport, was constructed to replace the other three Berlin Airports (Schönefeld, Tegel, and Tempelhof). As a result, Tempelhof Airport stopped its operation in 2008.

How far is Brandenburg Airport from Berlin?

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is located southeast of Berlin, in the state of Brandenburg. The distance from the new airport to Berlin city center is 27km.

What are the transportation options from Berlin Airport?

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is adequately linked to the city of Berlin. Hence, apart from the original airport taxis, the comfy car rentals, and the premium private transfers, public transport options are also on tap at BER Airport. Public buses, along with train lines, transfer passengers from the airport to Berlin downtown at low-cost prices. 

What is the airport code for Berlin Germany?

The new Berlin Airport, which replaced the other three airports in the region, has a new IATA code. Therefore, the airport code for Berlin Brandenburg Airport is BER.