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Berlin Taxis

From Taxi Fares to General Guidelines about the Taxis in Berlin

Taxis in Berlin: Overview

More than 7.000 taxis present in Berlin guarantee that you will find an available taxi to transfer you to your destination, no matter the time of the day or your exact location in Berlin. Comfortable, luxurious, air-conditioned vehicles will ride you to your point of interest fast and stress-free.

Although public transportation in Berlin is more than efficient, Berlin taxis are always a good idea as they provide door-to-door services, saving you time and hassle. However, if you are in a hurry during the rush hours, you should rethink using public transportation, as the traffic levels may affect the final duration of your journey.

Berlin Taxi Fares

Berlin taxis are metered. Therefore, their fees are formed based on the taximeter’s indication. Predetermined fares for rides inside the Berlin area are strictly forbidden. The starting tariff is 3.90€ (3.90$), and the charge for the first 7km is 2.30€/km (2.30$/km). After that (from the 8thkm and on), the rate per km is 1.65€ (1.65$). Furthermore, the cost for one hour of waiting time is 33€ (33$). Extra fees may apply for large luggage. However, the daytime and nighttime rates are the same. Hence, there are no extra charges for night transfers.

Berlin Taxi “Short Trips” (Kurzstrecke)

Berlin taxis are not cheap, but they are overall affordable. Especially for short trips (up to 2km), the taxi fare is fairly low-priced, at 6€ (6$)! However, to get this extremely tempting price, you will have to hail a taxi from the street (the particular taxi fare doesn’t apply to pre-booked taxis or taxis hired from the taxi ranks). Furthermore, you will have to let your driver know that you want a short trip (tell him “Kurzstrecke”) as soon as you enter the vehicle before the taximeter is set on. There is no time limit for those short trips, but the distance must always be up to 2 km, without any intermediate stops. If the taxi ride exceeds that distance limit, the rate will be calculated as usual.

Payment Methods

Berlin taxi drivers are obliged to accept payments by debit/credit cards. Therefore, you can either pay for your transfer in cash or use your credit cards. Nevertheless, all credit cards may not be accepted. Hence, you should always carry some euros with you, in case your card isn’t acceptable. Small change should also be appreciated as taxi drivers don’t have to hold a large amount of cash.

Tip: Please keep in mind that Berlin taxi drivers are obligated by law to accept at least 3 of the most common credit cards. 

How to Hire a Taxi in Berlin

If you want to hire a taxi for your transfer around Berlin, you have three different options. First of all, you can catch a taxi from the designated taxi ranks, scattered throughout Berlin. You will surely find a taxi stand in the most popular regions of the city. What’s more, you will spot plenty of taxis moving around the streets. Hence, you can easily hail a taxi from the street, simply by standing at the side of the road and raising your hand. Keep in mind that in this case, you can also use the “short-trip system” (Kurzstrecke), paying 6€ for a 2km-ride. Last but not least, you can book your taxi online, using an app, or through a taxi company website, or even make a call and reserve your cab over the phone.

Berlin Taxis to Brandenburg Berlin Airport

Berlin taxis are the most comfortable and convenient transportation mode to reach Brandenburg Berlin Airport. No matter the day or the time, you will easily find an available Berlin taxi to Berlin Airport. Let your taxi driver load your luggage into the back of the vehicle, and travel stress-free to the airport in approximately 45 minutes, paying around 49€ (49$).

Useful Information about Berlin Taxis

  • The taxi driver is obliged to follow the shortest route to your destination.
  • If you intend to hire your taxi from the taxi rank, you should know that even if you can choose whatever vehicle you prefer, it is customary to pick the first cab in line.
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the taxi.
  • Berlin taxi drivers are obliged to transfer you to whatever destination you desire within Berlin district limits. 
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory. However, if the services provided were satisfactory, passengers usually round up the final fee or tip the driver up to 10%.


Are taxis in Berlin expensive?

Berlin taxis aren’t cheap, but they aren’t expensive at the same time. In any case, for trips up to 2km, the taxi fee is only 6€ (6$) for up to 4 passengers, as long as you hail a taxi from the street and you inform the driver when entering the cab (saying “Kurzstrecke”).

How much do taxis cost in Berlin?

The initial rate for Berlin taxi rides is 3.90€ (3.90$). For the first 7km, the charge is 2.30€ (2.30$) per km while from that point on, the price reduces to 1.65€/km (1.65$/km). One hour of waiting time costs about 33€ (33$).

How do I get a taxi in Berlin?

You can either take a taxi from the official taxi ranks, which are everywhere in the city, or flag one down at the street. Alternatively, online booking is also possible (through an app or a website) or you can book your cab over the phone.