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Berlin Car Rental

All the Useful Info and Insights about Berlin Car Rentals

Rent a Car in Berlin

Though the Berlin public transportation system is fairly efficient and adequate, many travelers prefer transferring by their own means. Plenty of tourists look for independence and autonomy during their trip to Berlin. Thus, they consider planning their journey agenda at the last minute and traveling around Berlin or its nearby destinations whenever they feel like it is a top priority. If you are one of these travelers and you are in search of the best car hire deal in Berlin, check out everything you need to know about Berlin car rentals.

Should I Rent a Car in Berlin?

The public transportation network is highly developed and reliable in Berlin. Metro, trains, buses, and trams compound an efficient public transit system, ideal for travelers who opt for the Berlin city center’s amazing sightseeing. Like many cities in Europe, Berlin’s city center gathers some of the most worth-visiting attractions of the city. Hence, if your journey schedule is limited to those main attractions, you should definitely abandon the idea of renting a car in Berlin and move around using public transportation means. It’s most probably the easiest, hassle-free, and most affordable transfer choice. However, keep in mind that there is much more to see both in the wider Berlin city area and within the Berlin vicinity.

Useful Info: Are you planning your Berlin journey schedule and wondering whether to rent a car or not? Keep in mind that Poland and the Czech Republic are within a 6-hour driving distance from the German capital. Thus, with a rental car, you can easily add a trip to the neighboring countries to your itinerary. 

How to Rent a Car in Berlin?

If your budget is open, then your options are unlimited! All the international car rental companies operate in Berlin along with local car hire providers. Whatever type of vehicle you are looking for, you can book it as simple as the click of a button. Enter the car rental company’s official website, make your reservation and choose one of the many pick-up locations around Berlin city. It goes without saying that besides online reservations, car rental bookings can be made over the phone.

On the other hand, if your budget is tight and you are looking for the best car hire deal, then there are some steps to be followed to secure the cheapest car rental price.

  • Do thorough research. Check all the relevant websites and compare the total prices.
  • Make your reservation as soon as possible. That way, you can benefit from special deals and discounts. Last-minute bookings are always at a much higher price.
  • Bear in mind that choosing airport pick-ups may be more expensive than getting your car from another location.
  • Check out the customers’ reviews. You will get a good idea of the provided services.
  • If your schedule is flexible, try different dates to find the lowest fees.

What do they Ask for when Renting a Car?

The supporting documents required to make the car rental reservation are usually the main driver’s passport and driving license, as well as his credit card. What’s more, if you have booked your car rental online, you’ll have to hand over the booking voucher to confirm your reservation. Nevertheless, you should always check each car rental company’s policy. For instance, some providers don’t rent to drivers under 25 years old or charge extra for young drivers. 

What is the Best Day to Book a Rental Car?

If you are traveling during a non-peak travel period, you can take the risk and make your car hire reservation a few days before your trip. There is a high chance that you will find last-minute bargains. However, if your journey takes place during a high season, you should reserve your car rental as soon as possible. In any case, if an early booking isn’t an option, making your reservation upon your arrival but before noon usually gives you more alternatives and hence, better deals.

How much does it Cost to Rent a Car in Berlin?

The price of a car rental in Berlin is subject to various factors. The time of the year, the number of days, and the vehicle’s type affect the final fee. However, the estimated price for an economy car is approximately 35€-40€ per day. 

Useful Info: If you are pondering which type of vehicle you should choose, take into account that the most popular car rentals in Berlin are Skoda Fabia, followed by Ford Focus and Fiat Panda. They are considered the best value for money options.

Who is the Cheapest Car Rental Company?

As numerous car rental companies operate in Berlin -both large international companies and local providers-, certain of them are more affordable while others are more expensive. Nevertheless, all the car hire companies provide deals and bargains. Hence, it’s a matter of searching and comparing to find the best price provided at the given time.

How do I Get the Best Deal on a Rental Car?

Is it cheaper to rent a car daily or weekly?

The car hire length is a factor that certainly affects the car rental price. Overall, a weekly car rental tends to be cheaper than daily car hiring. Therefore, if your journey to Berlin is one week long or more, you should rent your car by the week.

Is it more expensive to rent a car at the airport?

Airport car rentals are usually more expensive than renting a car from another location in Berlin. However, they are more convenient, as you can just hop on your car rental and reach your final destination without any hassle. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best car hire deal, you should either use public transportation (train or bus) or a taxi to the nearest pick-up location (near the Rudow Station) and get your car rental from there. 

How can I avoid extra charges when renting a car?

There are a few tips to avoid any extra, unnecessary charges and expenses when renting a car in Berlin. 

  • Don’t add drivers unless it is really necessary. Adding an extra driver will certainly raise the final fee.
  • Make your reservation using a credit card that offers primary car rental coverage. In that way, you can downsize the total insurance expenses.
  • Be sure you have checked out thoroughly the car rental company’s cancellation policy, especially if you are planning to prepay the entire fee.
  • Take pictures of the car rental before leaving the pick-up location to avoid getting charged for damages you haven’t caused.
  • Children under 12 years of age should be seated on a child seat. Thus, you should bring your own child boost so that you won’t have to rent one from the car rental company.
  • Check the fuel policy and make sure you have agreed to fill the vehicle up yourself before dropping it off. It’s a fact that car rental companies refueling services will cost you more.
  • Choose the pick-up and drop-off time wisely. As the car rental companies charge per 24h, you should return your vehicle before that time. Otherwise, you may be charged for an entire extra day!

Useful Info: Rental cars in Germany practically don’t have to pay tolls. In general terms, only vehicles with a 7.5 tons gross weight are subject to tolls.

Is it worth Getting the Insurance for a Rental Car?

It is crucial to get insurance for your rental car to be covered for accidents or damages. It is likely that your prime car insurance may cover car hire or that your credit card offers car rental coverage. However, if these are not the cases, you should buy the extra insurance while making your car rental reservation.

What if I Get in an Accident with a Rental Car?

Germans are very strict when it comes to following the law and obeying the rules. Thus, you should always pay attention, keep the speed limits, stop at every pedestrian crossing and respect the circulation code. In case you get involved in an accident, you should stay put and wait for the authorities to come and check it out. Never leave the place, even if the damages are insignificant. If the other vehicle is empty, you should wait half an hour for its owner to come and call the police. Keep in mind that there are police cameras scattered everywhere in the city.

Useful Info 1: It’s a fact that some autobahns don’t have speed limits, so you can drive as fast as you want. However, this isn’t a rule. There are autobahns with specific speed limits. Hence, you should always pay attention to road signs.

Useful Info 2: The alcohol limit is 0,05%, and breath tests are often carried out by the police. Moreover, speaking on the phone while driving is strictly forbidden.

Useful Info 3: The number you should call in case of an emergency is 112.

How is Traffic in Berlin?

Driving in Berlin is not really challenging as the transportation network of the city is well-planned. However, during the rush hours (08:00 am-10 am / 04:00 pm-06:00 pm), traffic should be taken into account when planning your itinerary. Still, it isn’t intolerable. 

Useful Info: Berlin citizens love moving around on bicycles, so you should always pay attention to cyclists while driving in Berlin.

Where can I Park for Free in Berlin?

There are free parking zones in Berlin, but not in the city center. Parking on the street in the heart of the city (in the “Parkraumbewirtschaftungszone”) can be difficult and relatively expensive. Thus, you can leave your car rental in the outer city ring and use public transportation or even, in some cases, walk to your destination. Alternatively, you can use a parking lot. There are a few car parks (but not too many) downtown, and their price is quite affordable.

Useful Info: Berlin city center is an environmental zone where only vehicles with specific emission standards can circulate. Car rentals usually have the necessary environmental badge, yet you should check it out before deciding to reach the city center.